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Los Angeles Based De Novo Team Grows Again!

Los Angeles, CA (Wednesday, January 9th) - De Novo, an innovative mobile recruiting company that uses AI and a human touch to help lawyers find the right job, is proud to announce its newest hire. Amanda Steelman joins the executive team as VP of the South, Midwest, and Boston Regions. Amanda brings a decade of legal industry experience to De Novo. Her extensive experience as a legal recruiter and her experience working inside a law firm gives her a deep understanding of how recruiting works and how it can be optimized for both lawyers and law firms.

"I am excited to welcome Amanda Steelman to the team," said Carly Steinbaum, CEO and Founder of De Novo. “By hiring Amanda, we are both expanding our territories and increasing De Novo's impact on the legal recruiting industry. It is an exciting time for De Novo as we continue to expand our services to help our growing community of lawyers find their better job fit.”

Amanda‘s expertise will be instrumental to help De Novo disrupt the multibillion dollar legal recruiting industry.

“I am so excited to be able to use my experience to join such an innovative company,” Amanda said. “We will be able to help lawyers easily find jobs that are a better fit for them, and by doing so, we will help law firms reduce attrition and hire the right people faster.”

De Novo’s open beta is available now on the App Store. The platform has already received praise and feedback from its community of lawyers, law firms, and companies. De Novo is using those evaluations to continually improve the experience.

About De Novo

De Novo is a platform that helps Biglaw attorneys find the right job for them in an interactive, streamlined, and delightful way by using an algorithm that matches people based on skills, personality, and experience. De Novo also provides authentic feedback about law firms.

Founded in 2017 by UPenn, USC Gould School of Law, and BigLaw alum attorney Carly Steinbaum, De Novo removes the need for endless cold calls from recruiters by matching lawyers with optimal law firm and company jobs based on skills, experience and personality and provides lawyers with a designated search consultant to assist them and provide advice.

De Novo is also the home of The Inside Scoop, and the annual BigLaw attorney survey, which gives BigLaw applicants honest and anonymous advice about the culture of BigLaw firms.

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Carly Steinbaum

CEO and Founder, De Novo

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